Tools product photography

I didn’t know that besides lifestyle type of images I could come up with an interesting and aesthetic way of presenting power tools. This project definitely changed my point of view and proved [...]

Makeup product photography

This makeup product photography project for an amazingly good looking mascara was purely about creative approach in product photography. To show the product in a number of completely different [...]

Creative cosmetics photography

The first thing which pops in to my mind when I think about cosmetics photography is red lipstick. This week we got a chance to put few of them in front of the camera. Cosmetics product shoots [...]

Creative advertising photography

We love shooting shoes, boots and other types of footwear. However, this creative advertising photography project was special as we were given a lot of freedom with these cool looking running shoes.

Small appliance product photography

Semitransparent and glossy materials, metal and complicated shape make a steam iron difficult to shoot but a little bit of an artistic and creative approach can make it look classy, interesting [...]

Hiking footwear product photography

Our footwear product photography project encompasses a whole spectrum of photographic techniques making it fun and exciting but also a challenging endeavor. From composite shot through white [...]

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