Electronics product photography

zhiyun product photography

My latest electronics product photography project turned out to be very fun and educational. Mix of few purely advertising images with few more creative photos made this shoot fun. Complex shape of the gimbal didn’t make it the easiest to photograph.

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Lipstick product photography

This latest lipstick product shoot, you’re viewing right now, was no different and resulted in some truly striking images. Uncomplicated, elegant and eye-catching; perfect for magazine ad, promotional materials, posters as well as packaging.

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Creative jewelry advertising photography

jewelry advertising photography

You can’t get a creative jewelry advertising photography project done without some concrete and wood, right? Of course you can but these materials present so many interesting possibilities. The incredible texture and monochromatic color of concrete contrasts with the polished gold and dark metal elements of the pendant and matching earnings in a truly fascinating way.

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Tools product photography

tools product photography

I didn’t know that besides lifestyle type of images I could come up with an interesting and aesthetic way of presenting power tools. This project definitely changed my point of view and proved that ordinary tools can look as good as a fancy bottle of perfume.

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Espresso product photography

espresso product photography

The caffeine I consumed during this project definitely helped in getting the high contrast, crystal clear advertising type images. These photos may appear little unrealistic and over the top but they certainly draw attention to the product.

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Makeup product photography

mascara product photography

This makeup product photography project for an amazingly good looking mascara was purely about creative approach in product photography. To show the product in a number of completely different scenarios, using different techniques, sets and lighting setups.

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Creative cosmetics photography

cosmetics photography

The first thing which pops in to my mind when I think about cosmetics photography is red lipstick. This week we got a chance to put few of them in front of the camera. Cosmetics product shoots are always challenging as we have to deal with combinations of different materials, reflective and matte surfaces or very delicate parts. This shoot was no different but we were able to capture some really images.

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