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Luce Pictor Studio



Luce Pictor product photography studio is providing professional advertising and product photography services to clients in all European Union markets and beyond. Leveraging latest technology and industry trends we help businesses like yours build and uphold their brand awareness and reach their full potential in today’s visually intensive e-commerce market.
Whether you want to showcase your product on a beautiful poster or you need to display you product in your online store, you need product photography and Luce Pictor Studio does just that. My full service product photography studio offers unrivaled capabilities and expertise to fulfill your vision and deliver consistent results each and every time.
Behind the scenes
Studio Life

what I do

Catalog Photography

Single product or groups of products on pure white or any desired color background. If required product can be cut out in post production.

Advertising Photography

From splashes and smoke to levitating objects. My studio is fitted with the gear and necessary know how to bring your vision to life.

E-commerce Photography

Engaging, clean and aesthetic images that integrate seamlessly with your brands identity

360° Photography

Quick and visually engaging way of showcasing your product in social media or on website. To see an example visit my Hiking Footwear project.
Selected projects

my services


My fully equipped studio is designed to handle all of your product photography needs. From table top photography and seamless background to 360° product images.


I will take care of the entire production process so you can concentrate on the important stuff. I will do everything from acquiring props for the shoot to building the set.


I make sure that your product looks perfect by carefully styling it according to your needs and requirements.


All photos I produce are retouched according to your requirements right in my studio. No hassles and no third party services are required to get images ready for print or web use.

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