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lifestyle photography project

lifestyle shoot

Super exciting cosmetics lifestyle photography project for two wonderful brands. Each brand with its own requirements, feel, mood, and look. I hope that the resulting images convey those different qualities. Lots of live plants were required for this project but I’m proud to say that none were harmed during the shoot. All plants found loving homes after the project and are doing great. As a matter of fact, I never used plants or flowers to create the scenery for a product before. Such an obvious choice that produces very interesting results through color, shape, and texture somehow never occurred to me before. My favorite image from the shoot, which you can find at the top of the page, by the way, is much more interesting thanks to the orchid flowers. I know I tried it with the orchid. It seemed nice but very cold and lifeless. It may be the desired quality for a hammer but not for cosmetics. This simple addition broke the monochromatic feel of this photo and injected lots of warmth and life making it much more interesting at the same time. The same philosophy was applied in a few other images as well.

I hope you enjoyed the images from the cosmetics lifestyle photography project and if you’re interested in a short behind-the-scenes video, just scroll down the page.

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Behind the scenes
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