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Shoes advertising photography

advertising shoot

Yet another fun shoes advertising photography shoot. Lots of work and insane amount of retouching. Yes, dust is very visible on any black surface but these shoes are dust magnets. I could clean and wipe down the shoes but dust particles somehow always made their way to the lens facing surface. However, all these long hours spent on retouching gave fantastic results. Final photos look very clean and sharp with well defined textures. You can get a sense of how they would feel in your hand just by looking at the image.
Most of the images presented in this portfolio were shot with just one strobe and basic light modifiers. Few bounce cards were added to fill deep shadows but the overall setup was fairly simple. This simplistic approach does not work for all products and all situations but for this type of images it worked very well. Resulting photos are aesthetic and nicely showcase the product.
Want to see my previous shoes advertising photography projects? Visit the Women’s Running Shoes portfolio page or the Creative Shoes Advertising portfolio page. Most of my work is also available on my social media profiles which can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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