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Cosmetics product photography

product shoot

The first thing which pops in to my mind when I think about cosmetics photography is red lipstick. This week we got a chance to put few of them in front of the camera. Cosmetics product shoots are always challenging as we have to deal with combinations of different materials, reflective and matte surfaces or very delicate parts. Yes, even extremely delicate as is the case with lipsticks which are ruined after a slightest touch. The usual product prep work involving finger print and dust cleanup had to be done extremely carefully. The technical aspects of this shoot, time constraints and requirements made this project very demanding but we enjoyed it every step of the way. Cosmetics photography belongs to our favorite genre of commercial photography and we hope to be able to produce many more images like these you see here.

For more examples of cosmetics product and advertising photography visit cosmetics for e-commerce project page or my perfume product shoot page.

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