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Kitchen knife photography project

product shoot

The knife product photography portfolio is a collection of images from few different projects. Most of the images are editorial or lifestyle in nature but couple of them are more on the product side. Sometimes the difference between various styles is very subtle if not fluid. As a big fan of Japanese kitchen knives myself I admire their simplicity, beauty and utility. I tried to showcase these qualities in the images you see here.
The editorial photos gave me a great opportunity to get creative. Creative beyond presentation of the product. I was able to alter color and texture. These changes are usually avoided in product photography as we try to show the product in the most realistic way with the most accurate colors. I was also able to experiment with different lighting configurations. Texture of the metal blade, wooden handle and other props can look very different under different lighting setups. Various post processing techniques also change the look and feel of the final photo. In one of the Yanagiba images the knife looks like it’s been used for a while and the blade is covered by patina. This effect was achieved by applying post processing technique on an image of a brand new knife. However, it’s worth noting that this effect was not achieved artificially. It was not created by retouching the image or adding anything to it to make it look this way.
Yet, knife product photography does not came without its own set of challenges. Flat metal surfaces have to be lit in certain way to reflect the light into the camera. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes that light is illuminating parts of the scene which should remain dark. Image of the Santoku knife on a drift wood is a perfect example of such situation. The drift wood had to be in a twilight making the knifes blade grab the viewers attention.
Interested in a behind-the-scenes video from the knives product shoots? Scroll down past the images and see how they were done. If you like to stay up to date with new projects consider following me on Instagram and Facebook.

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Behind the scenes
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