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Splash photography project

Drink lifestyle

My latest Scotch drink splash product photography project without a doubt was one of my most time consuming projects to date and presented number of technical problems which had to be solved to produce the perfect liquid splash. The splash itself took many, many attempts to get just right simply because it is pretty much impossible to predict in which direction the splash will travel. It required incredibly short flash times to get the splash perfectly sharp, without motion blur which is usually visible in splash product photography. Only few studio flash heads on the market offer such performance. The ice cube props for this shoot were made in-house to get the exact shape and size required for this project. This added time to the total production time but was well worth the time investment. Lastly getting the entire glass and splash sharp from front to back was also challenging and required careful distance calculation for the camera placement. However, finally seeing the perfect capture appear in the camera screen made the long hours spent on this assignment completely insignificant and worth the extra effort.
If you are considering incorporating splash product photography into your next advertising project I would be happy to discuss the details with you. You can reach out to me via phone, email or the contact form. Want to see more examples of advertising and product images delivered by Luce Pictor Studio? Visit my portfolio page or follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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