Handmade jewelry set photography

You can’t get a creative jewelry advertising photography project done without some concrete and wood, right? Of course you can but these materials present so many interesting possibilities. The incredible texture and monochromatic color of concrete contrasts with the polished gold and dark metal elements of the pendant and matching earnings in a truly fascinating way. With addition of white background, lit to create a gradient, the image really comes together. No need for selective color techniques to make the jewelry stand out in this photograph. On the other hand, the yellowish color of the wood with yellow background compliments the gold elements. The dark metal leaves of the pendant and earnings provide nice contrast to the composition which is further enhanced by directional lights. It was a very laborious project but I am very happy with the resulting images.

Are you a jewelry maker looking to showcase your work with original and unique jewelry advertising photography? Get in touch and find out what I can do for you. Want to see more? Check out my makeup product photography project page to see how cement powder was used to create a high contrast photograph of  mascara. As always, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see images from latest projects.

Creative jewelry advertising photography


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