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Razor photography project

product shoot

Braun’s top of the line electric shaver product photography project. Gorgeous piece of industrial design and German engineering, and a treat to have a chance to shoot it. I hope the final images show quality of the materials and beauty of this device. It really is impressive.
If you scroll down to the image section you will notice a composite image which I put together for a two page magazine ad. I rarely have a chance to create something like that so I was excited to have this opportunity. The blue accents of the shaver, slick design and high tech materials made it perfect for a space scene. As aspect ratio for print is little different, the composite you see here is compressed horizontally to fit the standard photo proportions. Rest of the pictures in this shaver product photography series are simple to highlight the qualities of the product rather than distract the viewer with unnecessary elements or complex scene. Backgrounds in all of the photos are also clean and simple to make the product stand out. Perfect for web and even better for social media. Overall a very fun product shoot with an added bonus of making a complete ad for print.
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