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Product photography project

product shoot

Yes, I know, this is just plain furniture product photography on white background. Since I do the typical white background product photos, it would be wise to show such images on the website but most importantly, the products are incredible. All hand made with the highest quality materials and all covered with real malachite. I had the pleasure of watching these masterpieces being made by incredibly skilled craftsmen and it is breathtaking. It also takes a very long time. I mean a very, very long time. Photographing these objects is also difficult. The texture of the stone and gold-plated decorative elements presents challenges. Vitrines with glass panels have to be cleaned in post-production to remove unwanted reflections and distortions introduced by curved glass. In the new line of products, which I began photographing recently, challenges are even greater. Instead of malachite, mother-of pearl is used. I may post a few of these images on my Instagram and Facebook channels but if they don’t show up there, keep checking my portfolio page.

Behind the scenes
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