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Headphones photography project

product shoot

So much fun during the headphones product photography shoot. Not only did I get to enjoy the post-production process little more than usual (yes, I couldn’t resist and had to try these beauties) but I actually learned something about headphones. Open back, semi-open back and closed headphones. These are considered semi-open. Not sure what the advantages or disadvantages are but they do sound fantastic. Get a decent audio source and they will reward you with a really incredible audio experience.
Going back to the photoshoot itself. Combination of leather, metal and velour type fabric made this project somewhat challenging as far as lighting is concerned but nothing a little bit of creative approach couldn’t solve. More frustrating or challenging were the velour ear pads which were collecting dust as soon as I finished cleaning them. At the end my persistence and effort was rewarded with some great shots. The images are not only very aesthetic and eye-catching but also bring out the great quality and superb design of the product.
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