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Photography project

product shoot

I’m not much of a gadget person but I have to admit that this electronics product photography project turned out to be very fun and educational. Mix of few purely advertising images with few more creative photos made this shoot fun. Complex shape of the gimbal didn’t make it the easiest to photograph. Fortunately good quality materials and great manufacturing did not make it very difficult either. Without much difficulty I was able to achieve nice light gradients and a very contrasty look for the advertising images. This made the post production quick and straightforward.
Somewhere in the middle of the shoot I realized that this is a pretty neat device. Since I had to set up the gimbal for the shoot anyway I took it for a spin and made few test clips. I was impressed even thought I’m not a filmmaker or mobile filmmaker as it is called now.
Overall it was an interesting shoot and I hope I’ll have a chance to photograph other cool gadgets in the future.
Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook accounts as after this project I got my very own Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal. Short behind-the-scenes videos from future projects should be showing up in Stories shortly.

Behind the scenes
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