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Tools photography project

product shoot

To be honest I didn’t think power tools product photography can be so much fun and be so challenging. I didn’t know that besides lifestyle type of images I could come up with an interesting and aesthetic way of presenting them. This project definitely changed my point of view and proved that ordinary tools can look as good as a fancy bottle of perfume. Light it right and the colors will pop, textures will come alive and complex shapes of the tool will be revealed even before any post production work. This would be the challenging part I mentioned at the beginning but the challenge is present in every product photography project. If I succeeded in this endeavor, you should be able to tell which part is plastic and which has a smooth rubbery surface just by looking at the photos. I think that this, somewhat unusual project for me, made me a big fan of power tools photography. Visit my portfolio for more examples of product photography or follow me on Instagram and Facebook for latest project.

Behind the scenes
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