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Iron product photography

product shoot

Once in a while I get an assignment for a product that is a real head scratcher. I mean, how do you come up with an interesting and beautiful way of showcasing a steam iron. Appliances are rarely admired for their beauty or incredible aesthetics so it’s not an easy task to deliver a stunning product image. Since I do like a challenges I had no other choice but to get creative.
Soon I found out the project is even more challenging than I originally expected. Mix of semitransparent, glossy and metal materials did not make the project any easier. Adding the complicated shape on top of it made this photoshoot even more difficult. Fortunately the effort was well worth all the trouble. I am happy with the results as images I was able to produce are uncommon for this type of a product. Even a steam iron with a little bit of an artistic and creative approach can look classy, interesting and appealing. You may also want to check out my power tools product photography project for a different view on tools product photography. As always, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see project I am working working on right now.

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